NEAB Junior creates Poppy Garden

Published: 8 November, 2020 - 1:52 pm

6 year old All Blacks Junior Elise Shaw, whose future ambition is to be a soldier in the army to help people and drive a tank, has already started to raise money for the Royal British Legion by creating her very own poppy garden, in here front garden.

The Poppy garden, which features 163 homemade poppys, with more to come, is on show at her home in Strensall and has helped to raise nearly 600% of her £50 target through donations, which was smashed within the first half hour of going live.

The idea came from her and her brother Jakes NHS Rainbows, which were drawn throughout lockdown to thank all NHS staff, which made people smile as they walked past their house. Elise wanted to make people smile again and came up with this idea.

Her mum Chelle said “Obviously as parents we are especially proud of Elise. She has worked extremely hard on her fundraising project and is truly shocked by how much has been raised so far!
Elise may be young but she has an understanding of the impact the pandemic has had on charities. We used to see ex-military and volunteers collecting for the poppy appeal on high streets, in supermarkets and shopping centres but, this year, everything is different so we need to think outside of the box.
Elise knows this and decided to come up with her own idea.
We are all overwhelmed with the support that has been shown. Thank you all for taking the time to read, comment, share & donate. Take care of each other and we’ll see you all, back at training, soon.”

Do donate, please visit

You can also here her on BBC Mid Morning show yesterday at at 3hours and 15 minutes.

Everyone at the All Blacks is so proud of Elise and the work she has done, and the money she has raised for such a good cause.