NEAB Lockdown diaries

Published: 3 June, 2020 - 3:04 pm

Lockdown has been an unfamiliar way of life for everyone and people have been coping with it differently. As a club, we are trying to include as many families as possible through the #NEABtogether stuff and keeping them engaged with rugby.  What have our players from all age groups actually been getting up to? And what are they looking forward to most once lockdown is over?

Our Under 18 player Josh, has been keeping active as his dogs need regular exercise, and he has been taking advantage of that by going on daily walks with them. He also has enough room and equipment to complete some daily weights routines. His college teachers are keeping him busy through weekly assignments and he has also been socialising with his friends through the Playstation, keeping in contact with them interactively. This catching up with his friends has made him realise how much he is looking forward to getting back to training and playing with all the rugby lads once again.

Isaac, who is part of the Under 13s has been training on a regular basis completing core sessions on his trampoline, playing football in the back garden and going on regular bike rides. For his lockdown birthday he got rugby tackle pads and has been using them for rugby practice. He can’t wait to get back to White Rose Avenue, as he is missing the physical aspect of training, and ‘smashing into people’.  He is also looking forward to seeing his friends at training. He has missed soooo much the travelling in the car to away games with his dad, they have so much fun on the way and can’t wait to get back at it.

Bobbie from the Under 9s has been seeing mates over zoom but she is missing playing and enjoying the real life company of friends. She has been working hard with school work and has been a little star when it comes to that. She has been keeping active with the family by walking their dog every lunchtime and every single day completing the #PEWithJoe which has been fantastic for her. She is also really enjoying the #NEABtogether virtual sessions and is starting to understand how much a RL player works more than an average person. After watching the NRL, which they are thankful for, Bobbie is really looking forward to seeing her friends and the team again.

This is just an insight to how people have been keeping busy throughout lockdown, from players younger to older and how much we are all looking forward to getting back down to White Rose Avenue, competing, playing and training again and more importantly seeing our NEAB family and friends.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Stay Safe.