NEABs Greatest Team of All Time

Published: 25 April, 2020 - 11:23 am

Early last month, New Earswick All Blacks asked previous players and members of the ‘Legends’ club to vote for their best ever team to play for the New Earswick All Blacks. 

There has been a lot of players who have played for NEAB juniors that haven’t played for Open Age, that have gone onto bigger and better things, such as international and Super League, which owes much credit to the junior system and NEAB.

The Neabs Greatest team was put together by the number of votes which each player received from teams of long time supporters of the club and players who have pulled on the black and red jersey.

There were a lot of names mentioned and it was a tight call for some positions, but players earned their spot on being the top picked player, from the teams submitted, in their position.

The team consists of 13 starting players and 8 subs (as there were so many on an equal picking) 

So here is your greatest NEAB team:

  1. Steve Perks
  2. Dean Smith
  3. Chris Spain
  4. Jez Petch
  5. Alex Godfrey
  6. Ben Jones
  7. Liam Gargan
  8. Rich Harrison
  9. Alan Pallister
  10. Jamie Daniel
  11. Lee McTigue
  12. Jamie Rhodes
  13. Chris Judge
  14. Micky Harrison
  15. Dave Carling
  16. Mick McTigue
  17. Jack Stearman
  18. Dave Kettlestring
  19. Carl Barrow
  20. John Leach
  21. Sean Malarkey

Thank you to everyone who nominated their greatest NEAB team ever and congratulations to all involved.